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Wine list

House wine (Solaz)



Solaz Tempranillo-Cabernet Sauvignon is perfect for any occasion and can be enjoyed on its own. Elegant, with hints of red fruits, vanilla and spices, as well as well-rounded tannins.

Solaz Verdejo-Viura is a white wine, very fresh and aromatic. Refreshing and invigorating, this wine is ideal for enjoying on its own.

Solaz Rosado is a fresh, full and tasty. A refreshing and extremely fragrant wine with hints of fresh fruit and an intense raspberry colour.

Don Jacobo 2017 (Rioja)


Don Jacobo.png

Fresh fruit with tropical tones but slightly acid, green apple. Floral, alive and fresh. Fresh, pleasant and with volume in the mouth. Fine and delicate, very appetizing and light to drink.

Yllera Vendimia Nocturna 2017 (Verdejo)



Straw color with greenish hues and steely yellow. Clean nose with aromas of apple, peach grapefruit & lychee. With delicate shades of hay and a final touch of anise.

Mantel Blanco 2017 (Rueda Sauvignon)


Mantel Blanco new label.png

Fresh and with a good balance of acidity. Its predominant aromas of ripe and white fruits are linked with notes of white flowers and citrus memories. A fresh wine thanks to its final point of  bitterness perfect for hot days.

 You'll like ... its fresh tropical notes.

Also ... in addition to accompanying a meal, this wine is perfect to consume between meals.


Straw yellow / bright


Intense / fruit aromas / ripe fruit / tropical fruits


Fresh / fruit-forward / citrus notes / good acidity / slightly bitter / varietal notes

Don Jacobo 2017 (Rioja Rosado)


Don Jacobo Rose.png

Aroma: Intense aroma of fresh fruit, silky and sweet, with shades of jelly beans. 

Taste: Very fresh entry. Intense, round and silky with a very lively finish.

Altos Ibericos 2017 (Crianza)


Altos Ibericos.png

Opaque cherry red colour. Floral (Damascus rose) and fruit (strawberry, raspberry) aromas with spicy and smoky notes imparted by oak aging. Velvety, smooth, with fine, juicy tannins.

Portia Roble 2019 (Tempranillo)



A young Tempranillo from the Portia farms. Intense and fruity wine with marked sweet notes. Fresh and tasty, with pleasant tannin. It has balsamic and fruity hints and a long aftertaste.

Marques de Caceres Revserva 2012


Marques de Caceres Reserva.jpg

Intense, complex bouquet that confirms its ageing in quality oak: powerful aromas of blackberries and blackcurrants with a depth of toasted notes that blend with very fine oak.

Celeste 2015 (Crianza)



Black cherry colour. Intense nose, floral and ripe red fruit, followed by toasted notes. A round attack, pleasant and unctuous, with smooth tannins. Long and elegant. Its fruity and tannic characteristics pair with the traditional oven roasted, grilled or barbequed meats. 

Adeletto Prosecco


Adeletto Prosecco.png

Crisp green apple and lemon. This is a fresh and enjoyable easy-drinking prosecco. Just right for drinks parties, uncomplicated aperitifs, mixing - all the things that prosecco is best for.

Prosecco & Aperol Spritz (20cl)


Scavi & Ray.png

Drink your Aperol spritz or Prosecco the fashionable way, just open the bottle and grab yourself a straw. Alternatively you can pour these over ice in a glass the traditional way.

Light, crisp & refreshing, perfect for a Summer's day

Cava - various


Cava - various.png

Spain's answer to Champagne - Available in Brut, Semi Dry or Rose

Laurent - Perrier Champagne Brut



Laurent-Perrier’s dry style is reflected in this crisp, elegant and fine Champagne. The character is mineral, taut, with a great burst of citrus and white fruit acidity. The ensemble creates a  delicious food-friendly wine. 


Pale gold / fine and persistent bubbles


Elegant / fresh / complex / fruit aromas / white fruit / citrus notes


Fresh / light / rounded / expressive / fruit aromas / balanced / persistent

Homemade Limoncello & Orangecello

100ml bottle €4

250ml bottle €8


250ml bottle €8

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